Musa Gesimba - CEO and Founder

Musa is a recognized leader in the field of marine ecosystem conservation. With over 5 years of experience in managing marine ecosystems, he developed a unique set of technical abilities, including the development of nature-based solutions Projects and conducting feasibility studies for blue carbon projects. His passion for sustainable practices and dedication to protecting our planet’s oceans has made him a respected voice in the industry. At GreenCEO, Musa brings his expertise to the forefront, leading the team in the development of innovative conservation strategies. He has a talent for bringing together diverse teams and inspiring them to achieve their best work. His vision and leadership have helped to position GreenCEO as a leader in the field of marine ecosystem conservation


Ibrahim Chilodi - Operations Manager

Ibrahim has a background in business management and brings onboard over 5 years of experience in community-led mangrove restoration to his role at GreenCEO. Equipped with an entrepreneurial spirit and passionate about his work, this enables him to effectively oversee and control project deliveries. His hands-on experience has given him the ability to proficiently validate the process for selecting project sites and ensuring continuous improvement of fieldwork processes at GreenCEO. Additionally, Ibrahim is adept at supporting mapping processes and M&E processes. His strong focus on delivering exceptional results makes him committed to achieving success for both GreenCEO and the communities we serve.


Shawlet Cherono - Co-Founder

Shawlet has worked as a highly skilled consultant in wetlands ecology and management, with over 8 years of experience in the field. She is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment through her role with GreenCEO. Shawlet has a talent for developing and executing effective conservation plans, and her expertise in wetlands ecology and management has been invaluable to the development of innovative conservation strategies aimed at protecting the world's most vulnerable habitats.


Nimrod Ishamael - GIS Data Analyst

Nimrod brings over 3 years of experience working as an assistant researcher with a background in aquatic resource management. His expertise in data analysis, digital data collection, and proficiency in Rand Python allows him to manage our database effectively. Nimrod is committed to seeking out new challenges in the field and expanding his knowledge and skills while helping organizations achieve their conservation goals through his role at GreenCEO. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in GIS and data analysis has led him to develop effective solutions for our clients and partners and staying committed to continuing this work in the future.


Rose Mauki - Project Manager

Rose is a seasoned project manager. With a proven track record of successfully leading the design and implementation of nature-based solutions projects. Her expertise in project management has been developed through hands-on experience working with multiple NGOs in Kenya, as well as the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute. She has vast experience in ecosystem restoration monitoring and community development which proves invaluable in her role. Rose is always eager to embrace change and keep a curious eye on innovation, new plans and new opinions in complex project environments. With a background in coastal and marine resource management (BSc. Marine Resources Management), she is adept at solving technical, technological, and organizational issues, with out-of-the-box thinking inspired by a good knowledge and understanding of real cases of transformative projects.


Remy Safari - Co - Founder

Remy is an aquatic scientist with over 7 years of experience in the field. He holds a BSc in Aquatic Science and a MSc in Limnology and Wetlands from BOKU University, Austria. He is highly proficient in project management, research, and aquaculture production, with a wealth of experience working with the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute. He is also an excellent team leader with strong teamwork skills, community development empowerment, and outreach abilities. His expertise in resource mobilization for community-led projects has enabled GreenCEO to have a positive impact on the environment and the communities it serves.


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